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LA Metro—LINK Union Station

LA Metro - LINK Union Station – Engineering Design

Los Angeles, CA

LA Metro initiated the SCRIP project in order to satisfy the demand for a long term rail solution for Southern California. This project will take at least four of the yard’s tracks in Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS) and carry them across the SR-101 freeway to be connected to the existing mainline tracks at the Los Angeles River. The engineering service of this project includes development of the supplemental environmental document, preparation of Plans Specifications & Estimates the right-of-way, permit applications, stakeholder coordination, Caltrans coordination, supplement project reports, etc. The Alliance Group Enterprise (TAGE) is responsible to perform the Station Architectural Design Oversight, 3D/BIM modeling and Public Outreach. TAGE is also responsible to assist the design team on the analysis of impacts to the yard and platform, prepare the geometric layout to add additional fencing between the High Speed Rail and SCRRA tracks based on operational and maintenance requirements. TAGE is also responsible for evaluating the additional construction phasing analysis associated with revisions for the shortened High Speed Rail platform to determine if there are adverse impacts to constructability including schedule & costs.

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